Reach out and touch Writing Dogs. Safely.

If you’re looking to get in touch with Rob, the easiest way is to hit him up by E-mail (at right) or private message on SoFurry. Twitter DMs will serve in a pinch, too. Twitter and chat stuff are generally the purview of Social Media and Dog Writing Manager Sandy, who is always happy to talk (so feel free to ask for messenger accounts!) but sometimes slightly overwhelmed with real life.

Rob is also often skulking around various conventions, or was before 2020 >.> Furry Weekend Atlanta, Anthrocon, DenFur, and Midwest Furfest are generally safe bets., when, as, and if they start happening again. As a troubledog, the safest bet may be to check the bar. Or the side of the road ;)

For questions about the site specifically, Patreon, etcetera you can email directly and I will do my best to answer you in swift fashion.