Experiments and Ongoing Projects

Here are some random experiments that I've worked on over time. These are, as always, works in progress! If you find them interesting, enjoyable, etc. and want to know more, or want access to the source code, let me know and I will be happy to help with anything and everything I can :D

A simple, JavaScript-based "what character are you" style quiz. If you want to cheat, you can add "?debug=true" to the URL and it will show you the possible options and what the impact to each option your choice is.
A map of the Kashkin, the moreauverse setting of Hatikvah. This is an interactive map that allows you to pan and zoom, turn on different display layers, and so forth. It was written as part of an experiment to move away from using SVG-based maps for my fictional settings as I ran into their limitations.
An updated version of the Hatikvah map, using a new labeling and projection system. There is also some level-of-detail modeling; for example, if you zoom in on the capital city of Tabisthalia, with cities set to show full city boundaries, you should also see some of the city's neighborhoods. As of March, 2019 I still haven't added back in the transportation layer.
A street map of Cannon Shoals, with some of the more important locations marked. This is still an active work in progress, and the street labeling doesn't seem to work well in some Webkit-based browsers.
An overview of the Fourth Wall system for interactive fiction.