Sandy, Your Approachable Librarian


I’m Cassandra (“Sandy”) Cleary, Dog Writing PR and Social Media manager and, not coincidentally, the person behind the keyboard. You will probably not see my name much on this site, or on SoFurry, but I am responsible for (for instance) the @matrioshkadog Twitter account, chat clients, and so on, so I thought it would be a good idea if I “introduced myself” and make the name more familiar to you so you know what’s going on.

(And also, I suppose, to explain “Where’s Rob? What happened to Rob?” beyond simply hinting that coyotes are reclusive creatures who are very good at evading detection. Because you’ve probably guessed what’s going on, I imagine. In short: Rob is not going away, and will continue to write—but also, you’ve been and will be dealing with me instead, in general. Don’t worry, Rob is safe and happy. Uh, wherever he is.)



Questions You Might Have (Frequently or Not)