Star Patrol

The first ‘Star Patrol’ story opened with Commander Madison May being chided for turning her patrol ship’s ion cannons on the SS Party Time! Heck Yes, it’s Party Time. Subsequent stories set aboard the cruiser Dark Horse introduced their stoner otter of an assistant engineer, their video-game-educated tactical officer, and a defrosted, ready-to-serve soldier who was never taught to wear anything other than power armor.

It’s that kind of place.

This is a cheerfully, unabashedly soft setting. The stories are filled with in-jokes to other sci-fi settings, problems can be solved by remodulating the main deflector, the captain is always right even when she isn’t, and every new star holds the potential for new adventures where No Man Has Gone Before.

Most of the stories so far take place aboard the CSS Dark Horse, an obsolete patrol ship given to Commander May to keep her out of trouble. A pair of side stories introduce Devin and Casey, the first a coyote hacker and the second a jackal pilot with a quick temper and a playlist full of rock music to accompany her escapades.

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